New Stargate under construction and to be opened to the Catch Region

Greetings fellw capsuleers,

We have just received news from CONCORD that a new gateis under construction and will be opened to the Catch region. As far as I know, barring the opening of the drone regions and the Yulai remap, this is the first time a new gate has been opened in New Eden. An action that in no doubt should happen more often. How do you feel about this? Any opinions?

Devblog link:

Adrian Vexier


I’m not sure if you realize it, or are trolling, but it’s an April fools day prank.

I miss 0.0 every where for April 1st.

They are adding a new gate model in the Old Man’s Star system. It’s not outside the realm of possibilities that CCP devs would add a gate to Stain here as well in OMS…no promises that the gate actually functions.

Does april fools exist in the EVE universe?


Every damn day I log on


I am not fooled easily.

I do kinda wanna scam someone today and say “APRIL FOOLS! IM KEEPING YOUR ISK”.


You deserve shame, since you don’t search before posting. I already pointed it out it’s April fool’s.

an Orca attempted to use the gate early and became lodged sideways in the jump tunnel.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



If something like this will actually be done, may I suggest to use the Upwell gate models for new connections? They look so cool, and would be nice to actually use them sometimes.

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Of course its a prank. But nevertheless the idea feels somewhat appealing.

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Why am I so bad and detecting clearly obvious things. Instead of checking the calendar , I thought - hey, cool, its about time. But joke’s on me .

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Bummer. I thought a new gate was exciting. I hope CCP conpensates for the joke by giving us something exciting.
A few new ships maybe?

I know its April Fools but i think this is a good idea, and while you are at it reconnect Amarr with Jita!

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Posting on an alt @Adrian_Vexier ? What a moron! Alt spotted! @Rekindle = @Adrian_Vexier

hahaha ok pal.

____ is a powerful drug.

I have probably put more thought into this than anyone should, but the ad is still in the launcher, so here we go.

Stain seem to have two good looking places to connect low-sec with: G-ME2K (-0.3) that is currently a dead end, and a small group of F7-ICZ (-0.3), T-NNJZ (-0.3) and NRT4-U (-0.3). Both locations are choke points, that gankers could easily take advantage of.
As for the other end, there is Tash-Murkon: Saminer (0.3), Domain: Misaba (0.1) also connected to Providence, and Khanid: Moro (0.5), or if low-sec is necessary Efa (0.4) that is connected to Querious.
And in the middle of this group of systems, there is also Catch: 4-07MU (-1.0) that could also be used as a direct connection to Stain and/or low-sec.


Seems like you are the one that deserves shame. And I deserve praise. Check the linked article! And I expect an apology from you!


an apology? kind of harsh aren’t you? you were only lucky this joke turned out to be true…