New Launcher - Client Profiles

Has anyone worked out where to edit/delete ‘client profiles’ in the new launcher?



I’m going to just guess that it was moved into settings.

Well the new launcher is kinda horrible IMO, but from editing launcher groups, I think you’d click on the lower box there Test or Test2 to edit those. And to change the profile, you click the X at the end of the top box you’ve circled, which should clear that box and change it to a Default setting maybe. Then click the Default setting to select another.

Somehow in their infinite wisdom, CCP has again managed to take an interface that was working smoothly and replace it with one that uses twice as much screen bloat and double the clicks to achieve less efficiency at whatever you want to do.

It’s like they all attended some seminar given by Microsoft that convinced them they need to “consume mass screenspace” and “clicks are love, clicks are life”. This relentless drive to create busy, messy, bloated space wasting interfaces with extra clicks to access anything useful… it’s inconceivable!


Most corporations make launchers to have real estate on each players PC where they can put advertisements and self promotions so it seems like the new launcher is working as intended.

I’ve spent a good 30 minutes in settings, haven’t found anything to edit or delete these Client Profiles. I’m convinced you cant and likely need to edit files in windows explorer directly.

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Appreciate the response however no luck.

Clicking the lower box only creates more, doesn’t allow editing or deletion of current.
Clicking the X at the end of the box only removes the profile from being selected, again no edit or delete function.

Still out of luck trying to edit or delete Client Profiles, surly you can.

So once the account had been added it remains there?

What if the pilot is biomassed or sold through correct channels and it just happened to be the only pilot on that account?

Seems like a future update is required then!

My apologies I had misunderstood your original request. I’d thought you meant how to edit/delete your current profile selected… you mean actually edit the contents and settings within a profile.

The “Launch Groups” interface is the closest to what the Profiles interface looks like, and it has a separate button MANAGE which the Profiles lack. So no, apparently there is no way within the launcher to edit or delete profiles.

If you click the cogwheel for settings (upper right), under Tools/Cache there’s a button, LOOK FOR PROFILES, which finds your old ones from an actually useful version of the launcher. But apparently you can’t edit those, either. Maybe there’s something for it in the character screen, or within the game. I’ll look more later.

While in the Settings cogwheel, I see some various settings. Most things appear to have been reset to defaults rather than copied forward from the old launcher, for instance my DX and Hardware Acceleration settings reverted. Not sure what “High DPI support” does, or “Show the new player experience”.

Looks like it’s time to go back to work figuring out the “new improved” launcher, so we can tell CCP how to do their job. Because apparently all the people that told them before this were ignored.

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