New Launcher - Where are launch Groups?

Just got the new launcher. I don’t see Launch groups. I use this all the time.

It’s in the Settings either for the Launcher or the individual accounts.

I can see Launch Groups, but the new launcher only imported one of the 3 different launch groups I have set up in the old launcher. How can I import the other groups? I really, REALLY don’t want to have to go through the ordeal of re-creating them and updating video settings, overview tweaks, etc.

Got it figured out - the new launcher doesn’t actually import ANY launch groups from the old one. What I thought it had imported as a launch group was actually the profile associated with that group. It was auto-magically done with the old launcher… creating a launch group also created an associated profile that persistently saved any game and overview settings. In the new launcher, you have to first create a NEW launch group (name it whatever you want), and then select (if any profiles got imported) or create a profile for it. NOTE: The old launcher automatically replaced spaces with underscores when creating the profile folder(s). If you want to re-use those during the create a new profile step, you HAVE to include the underscores when adding them to the new launcher. Once all of that is done, you get a fancy new button in the UI, under the list of accounts.

Just more change for change’s sake. In this case their only goal was to push an FPS that nobody cares about.