New looking for mining corp (AEST)

Played like 12 years ago or something. I’m familiar with a lot of the terminology but that’s about the extent of it, I’m still wrapping my head around the new UI and all the MTX the game has introduced.

Hey man, we are a small casual corp in Cloud Ring null sec called Sublight. We are primarily USTZ with alliance having both time zones represented. Speaking of alliance, we have access to copious amounts of moon ore every day of the week with alliance mining ops (not exaggerating here). Also being in cloud ring, we have access to nebulas pretty much daily as well if huffing is something you enjoy as well. On the corp level we have 2 moon stations in high sec (with a potential of 6 additional ones with a former corp member) along with one we are setting up in null as well. So if mining is something you enjoy we have you covered.

Being a casual corp, real life always comes first and we will always respect that. Of course there is more I could mention, but would love for you to jump into our discord server and get plugged in!

Hey Awack is casual as. We have a C3 home and a HS home in Amarr. Manily PVE and exploring but small scale roams get organized. Quite a small corp and no pressure for anything.
in game im ljheyden if you want a chat

U from shadow !!

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from A league of the wayward and confused (AWACK))

Now I know where I recognize your name from; Love the boys from SL0w!

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