New Mining Corp HIRING with RL Bonuses

Welcome to Quantum State Holdings.
Operating in High Sec & Null Sec.

First Discord:
We have a good discord community that plays other games too. A few members also teach Real life skills such as stock market/ FX trading, Investment banking, Music Production, PPC, Marketing, Game Design, AI, Robotics, Starting your own business and more for FREE!. We are building up a community to play games with and a lot of our stuff is backed by one of our real-life companies hence the free training etc.
Rules for discord be nice, play nice, be helpful to others! You can earn money by streaming with us on games.
Getting banned from the discord group will get you kicked from all the games you join with us.

See Corporation Bio for more info any questions please email the CEO.

Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Currently Recruiting the following:
■ Miners (Boosts Available)
■ Combat Pilots

■ Must have access to discord with working mic.
■ Must be an active player.
■ Alphas allowed as long as Omega is planned soon.
■ English Speaking.

And how exactly do you plan on my alt giving you a full api?

Sorry, API shouldn’t have been on the list, its now full background info.

I know you are just getting started as a corp. If you are looking for an alliance down the road let me know.


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Bump :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting. Been bout 2 years since i played eve and am thinking of getting back into it. Also looking for another group to play games with since i had a falling out with another clan member in my old clan. (they dont play eve).

I am a miner and industrialist. I’m not the best and probably not very efficient but i have fun doing it. I’ll try and hit you up in game.

Sounds good just mail me any time :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

What region/area are you close to? Sounds interesting.

We have two areas of operations. Near Jita and out near aridia. Moon mining is in progress and we’d love to have more industrial minded people.

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Nice thanks for helping PeeVee speak to you in game later on :slight_smile: … also daily bump :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m interested in joining your corporation. I’m an Orca pilot and miner. I’m also working on industry and dabbling in exploration when not mining. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

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