Null sec QJS recruiting miners/industrialists EUTZ

I am Quantum Jumpers CEO Deglady Hekard and i am recruiting.
We are living in Catch Null sec area. Our alliance is part of Legacy coalition.

Our corporation mainly focus on industry and mining.
What we offer?

  • Mining ops/moon mining ops
  • Big collection of corp owned BPO
  • Experienced friendly corp mates
  • PvP ops
  • Corp ore/minerals buyback program
  • NBSI
  • Mining boosts
  • New players friendly
  • Free starting ships

What we ask from you?

  • To be active and friendly towards our corp members
  • join defense fleets to defend our space

Since we are not super huge corporation we don’t have any demands from our corp mate’s just need to be friendly and share pepe meme

For more info join QJS Public eve chanell, or contact me in game.

Deglady Hekard

Still looking for members

Recruitment is still open :slight_smile:

Recruitment is still open and looking for active members

Good group of guys to fly with!

Recruitment is still open, corp have puted it self in 2nd gear and keep growing. Join up if interested to grow.

Reqruitment is still open and awaits new players.

Still open for new members.

Starting active reqruiting campain

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