New Minmatar modular planetary industry technology?

You have probably red about it already in this news piece

But there was nothing new since then. Is it going to be released to all capsuleers or Minmatar aligned ones only? And when?

From what I understood the new planetary tech would be re-usable. Once assembled on a given planet it could be repackaged and transported to another. Contrary to current wasteful models which need to be demolished before moving on. Leaving literary nothing behind.

First the introduction of new compression technology for planetary commodities (it is a real blessing) reducing their volume by 50% at all levels of production! Then Itinerant Forge promise of modular re-usable technology (much anticipated). I wonder what the A.I.D. Act will bring to our industry branch? I hope there is some more in store for us beside recent release of an astonishing Exceladin+ software.


What makes you think this is going to be released to capsuleers? This is an internal project of the Republic, meant to benefit the baseliner economy of the Republic.

Not everything is about us.

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But of course it is. This is the reason that we exist. What was your reason to become one?

Rarely, and I do mean rarely is Diana Kim proven correct.

My reason to become… a capsuleer? To repay my Clan their investment in my education and compatibility-testing. They scraped together a large amount of money to have my age cohort tested. Three of us proved compatible. One killed himself when he couldn’t take the pressure. The second joined the Fleet, to serve our people directly. I went into private work. The Clan gets 90% of my income. Always has, always will.

Because it’s not about me. It’s about my people.


You ashamed me, again…

Are you going to help to more of your clan becoming a capsuleer? To me it would be somehow sorrowful to watch generation passes after generation and I still last.

So-- respectfully, Mr. en Divalone, you might have bought a little much into the marketing. If you manage to secure your place in things and stick around long enough to watch how things move, you’ll see a lot of faces come and go.

Leaving aside Arrendis’s take on our mortality (to wit, basically, “death is death, you’re a copy of a dead person, not the person himself, and soon enough you also will be dead”), the average capsuleer career lasts a year or so. Some of us retire, some die, some just … disappear.

Unless you’re a clone soldier with your consciousness-transfer device built right into your head (you and I aren’t), dying away from a cloning rig is pretty much still plain old ordinary death. If you want a successor who still has (most of) your memories, keep backups.

Even then, stuff happens. We live in a pretty violent, intrigue-ridden sector of society. I myself didn’t make it even a single decade before getting my outlook on life forciby adjusted (sabotage-- no personal memories older than, at this point, about eight years). Possibly our greatest weakness is how many people and systems our alleged immortality depends on.

Maybe worry about making it through a first generation before focusing on woes you will, if successful, have all kinds of time to address?

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The Tribes have worked hard for this technology. The whole purpose of this doctrine is to help all tribes and clans to thrive. Why would they release their technology to capsuleers who are known for the worst kinds of crimes? This is something the Tribes can be proud of and it’s a gamechanger for planetary settlements and orbital colonies.

I see a benefit of loyal capsuleers helping those fleets with navigation, organization and protection, but they should have no word in which colonies to help out. That’s for the chiefs to decide and discuss.


More of my Clan have becomes capsuleers. What the Clan does with the funds I contribute is up to Tarn Stjörnauga, our Chieftain, and his advisors. I would not presume to intrude upon their prerogative, lest Anna the Younger decide to shoot me in the head for my arrogance.

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