New old player coming back into lowsec

Hello! I didn’t see anything too specific on the topic I’m trying to get clarification on so I thought I’d try here. I started a new toon to reacquaint with movement, but after 3 years there is so much new information! ESI vs. API. No clue. Where can I go to read up on all the most pertinent info I need to know to catch up?

Thank you

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A little more information: I played low and null sec PVP. Where do I find the info on what my sec level equates to when it comes to high sec? Biggest changes between 2015 - 2018? How many updates did I miss out on? And where is the most up to date info on goon v. imperium - hot topic corporation feuds, etc.

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Go and read here.

Well if you are an old player you can always check out the Mittani and Imperium News for the latest on Goons and what not.

Uniwiki actually has quite a bit of info for lot’s of other topics as well.

Oh and welcome back to Eve. May you have good luck and much success.

Thank you all for the tips


Read through the latest articles to find out a lot of things. There will mostly be links to Forum threads where you can read up further. Use and the search function there to find out more about things.

Welcome back o7

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