New Omega looking for Highsec Corp to learn more about the game and have fun

Faction: Amarr (I am currently lurking around Leva 6.0 but am willing to relocate but would like to stay Amarr and highsec) I am wanting to base in High Sec for now becuase of the “safety” factor until I am more comfortable with the game where I am wanting to take more risks.

Current SP as of writing this: 1,424,452

What I am currently doing:

Mission Running/Agent Mission

I would like to do wormholes and am open to low/nulsec in the near future. I have “basic” knowledge about the game in terms of mining and have a grasp about the general how to survive and play the game, but in no means an expert on anything. My SP is on the low side, but I am setting goals and knocking them off of the list. Willing to lend my ear to learn as much as possible. My work schedule is pretty much the same so I am on usually 4-5 times a week. Have access to teamspeak and disord (would actually prefer it becuase I find typing for chat to be boring and restrictive). Feel free to reply here or shoot me a mail in game and I will gladly check out what you have to offer.



Wormhole life can give you much more opportunity than staying in hisec. Check us out. We live in a low-class wormhole with a nullsec static for constant content variety. We have all the facilities for any kind of mining or industry you’re interested in but also actively PVP when the opportunity arises and are more than willing to help a motivated newbie learn the ways.

Mail me, some of my guys operate around genesis; though they are working with the sisters of eve.

Everything else you mentioned i have extansive knowledge of, except the research and manufacturing; but i may have some other items of interest for you…

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