New ore mining ships? Wishlist

First, you’re not thinking clearly if you think the venture is the best alpha mining ship. It isnt. Back in the days of no shoes, and going uphill both ways, we used battleships to mine with. Still can, and some still do.
Second; pandering to players that don’t invest any money into the product is not a great business model, unless you want to become an ad saturated free to play game like everquest has become, as well as many others like dark age of camelot and shadowbane.

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I understand that it is all good to design something new but we already have access to good mining ships After skills and correct fitting, then with implants that help us align quicker or boosters to prevent our cargo from being scanned when hauling our payload to market.

What your "4 turret spots, 6 high spots, 4 medium, 3 low, and 4 rigs." looks like is a Battleship. Just take the Praxis out for a spin with the above fitted.

Waiting for Aiko to approve.

6 high slots and 4 rigs for a frigate?

How about no. That would be nice for a destroyer.

And a lack of mining ships for alphas?

May I remind you of the mining turrent. Slap 8 of those things on a Praxis. Problem solved.

this is an updated version of the el dorado from one of my last posts it has four turret points and 6 high spots, 3 medium spots, 2 low spots, and 2 rig spots. it will have a 10% bonus for mining but has a 5% decrease in gas harvesting. it would have only have 100 shield, 800 amour, and 600 structure. it’s top normal speed would be 153. This is a draft of what it could look like

i hope this makes it in the game as a high sec miner

why do we need this ? whats the point of having THIS ?

you want to have it only 2 Rig SLOTS then it must be an T2 ship ? whats the T1 version of it ?

6 High Slots but only 4 Hard Points, why do we want the 2 utility slots ?

Which Mining Tools will it fit ? The Mining Laser or Strip miner ?

How much Cargo + Mining Hold you wanna have ?

How about the Resist Profile ?

Is it a Frigate ? Destroyer ? Cruiser ? Battlecruiser ? Battleship ? Capital Ship ?

there are so many more questions about this …

over all it dosnt look like an good idea because you just want to have another overpowered mining ship ingame.

Again, I don’t understand where you are going with this other than having an alpha-friendly ship with higher yield, which is pretty boring.

Talk more about what you want to do with it and how you want to use it. I’m sure people here can come up with an existing ship and fit combo to fit the task (might not be alpha friendly).

This goes back to the basic issue that Alpha accounts should NOT have access to high yield mining, or efficient production lines.


Merged two topics into this one.

Alpha accounts behind a blue wall of Omega accounts out in NullSec then if something starts to happen it is a simple switch to the main Omega to defend, This would reduce the amount of Omega alts a player needs if the yield was to increase more than a current barge yield. Having too many capitals is one end of the scale and on the other end would be too many alpha pilots.

Still a big fat nope. This ship is an abomination and luckily it will never make it into the game.

The venture is good enough. So is the mining praxis/rokh for alpha accounts.

Now if you add 3 more mid slots and 2 more lows, it would make an amazing high sec baiting ship!