New photon UI design (14th feb patch). Need to fix it

this post summarize my text from this thread:

devs changed user interface for old players
and problem is that guyz who made new design dont play this game

1. first and foremost is directional-scan menu (d-scan)
-one pixel difference between / change menu size / scan angle /

if you scout / explorer / tackler in game, d-scan is the most important tool for you
here, in this patch, this tool absolutely broken

need to fix it, for example:

  • add more pixels / expand (better to find right spot to press mouse button on d-scan menu)

2. second. optimizing performance
if you try to change size of local-chat window, you will see this operation killing game performance / overloading system
-obviously it needs to be optimize

3. compact menu / context menu
when you fight in game, or in difficult situation, you need to press right buttons in right time
compactness of tools is the most important thing in this case
you need to focus and you need to see all buttons
it is called ergonomics

dear devs, please make buttons / context menu more compact

4. overdesign I-cursor, clear and sharp
chat, text - next important tool in game
player use it always, for hours and hours
text must be clear and sharp, optimal contrast , with no blur and glow

dear devs, could you please make I-cursor with no blur and glow / make it clear

5. scaling text / icons. compact overview
todays patch made scaling broken
if you set 90% scale, you will see that icons in overwiev are broken and washy
need to fix it

you ask me - why 90%?
answer - becase 90% interface scale today is 100% scale interface before this patch
we just try to make like it was before

dear devs, could you please make icons / compactness and contrast in overview more comfortable for players

thank you

this patch interface be like:


Moved to Photon Ui

today hunting by combat scanning using new d-scan
wanna show some things conserning new not friendly interface d-scan menu

  1. first, as wrote above - one pixel location buttons
    you misclicking if want to change angle

here need to add more space / add more pixels

2. lenght of sliders
after patch you need more time / more mouse movement to change angle and range
(for what?)
time and speed - most important things if you hunting by combat scanning

here need to make sliders a little bit shorter

3. distance between sliders
these two sliders are too close to each other
when you frequently change angle 5-15-30, selector from range 14.3 is too close to 5 degree
it makes visual noise on the main panel in this case

here need to make sliders more clear

4. recover active probes button
this button is too small today
if you live in wh in this game and use probes, you use this button pretty often

here need to make this button a little bit bigger

5. last. glow and blur slider selector
I respect personal designers fetish making all things in game blur and glow
but in practice it is visual garbage concerning main tools

here need to cut glow and blur slider selector


After playing with the new interface for a couple days (I’m a combat scanner), I agree with the last points of the dscan sliders being badly positioned. I think having them in length and position the old way is best for speed and accuracy, full stop.

I can’t get used to the new way, it’s just slowing down things and make it more cumbersome to read. As you always need both sliders for effective scanning, the new position increases the mouse movement significantly, by simultaneously having less visibility about the actual position of the sliders.

Together with the tiny recall button for probes this is a big NET BAD change. Proposal: have them again together shorter length, and below each other. Have a big scan and recall button.

To the OP, to avoid accidentally changing the window, you can just lock it in place (I’ve done so for all of my permanent windows).

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no, I cant lock it, because when you in battle or d-scouting, this window always dynamic to see all d-scan ships and all changes on it

D scan is absolute and imprescindible tool. The new ui simply is not “ergonomical”. tool. need improve and resize , scan probes menu too. And please return the green colour to locations folder

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