New player -8 GMT, down for anything

Hey there, other than what the post title says I’m not sure what the game has to offer and just trying to learn how this crazy game works.

I know noobs aren’t exactly a hot commodity but in the unfortunate event that there’s more than one response, we could have a talent show. Most useless talent wins.

See you, space cowboys.

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Geo-Tech Industries is an industrial and pvp corp based in high sec not far from trade hubs with experienced people willing to help.

Join Geo-Tech Recruitment channel in game and say hi.

I know EVE is a lot to take in at first, finding friends is the best way to learn, so you’re off to a good start :slight_smile:

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Hi Harada!

I disagree, noobs are definitely something we’re all interested in! Fresh faces! Welcome to New Eden!

If you’re new, we’re here to help! My corp is specifically dedicated to helping out new(er) pilots learn the ropes of EVE. We have a great team, in a great alliance. There’s tons to do, and we provide a lot of support for our recruits. Here, check out our recruitment ad!

You can come visit our Discord, here: Akadeimia Keipouron SVK

Or you can convo me in-game, or visit our public channel, Gardeners’ Embassy. We’re friendly! Bring dog memes!

See you soon!


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Hey @Harada_San ,

When you have time, hop into our discord and see if fweddit is a good home for you. ORGNC. We’re a ustz ls/ns small group and I’d love to chit chat with you more. Just ask for me, nice when you join our discord.

And our corp ad is here

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Niv speaks the truth come join FRC.

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