New Player/ Alpaca Friendly Mining Corp

Flatulaction is currently being rebuilt as a mining corp built to support new miners.

We are Based in Amarr Space (because it is nice and quiet).

What we have to offer you:

  • Full Mining Boosts (orca with t2 boost links and t2 Mining foreman implants)
  • Free Fully Fit Ventures on Corp Contracts
  • Access to Blue Prints for anything you wish to build (if we dont have it we will get it)
  • Discord Communication Server
  • Station Service offers Manufacturing and Reprocessing on site

What we ask of you:

  • Enjoy Eve

Our Public Channel is Flat. Pub feel free to join when ever

Mining Can be a tedious and boring part of eve when it is done alone. That’s why this corp is here so you have people to talk to, things to discuss and Fleets to keep everything interesting. Corp will be adjusting to do more as the numbers grow. We will expand from just mining and industry to everything :slight_smile:

Look forward to flying with you soon.

Still Open.

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