New player friendly ewar ships?

Any new bro suggested jamming or webbing ships to run with small gangs? Looks like a lot of fun to shut down someone’s ship :slight_smile: :pirate_flag:

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easiest and cheapest to get into would be Griffin for jamming or Maulus for damps if you are brand new. That said people are not going to like you and shoot you first. Pretty similar thoughts on the cruiser sized ships

since you mentioned webs the vigil fleet issue is the easiest long range web ship, but I don’t know it’s long enough to be a very interesting choice for new players. All the other long range webbing ships are tech 2.

the electronic attack ships are all great and not too expensive. Keres is great since you can hold them with your long point and damp them so they can’t shoot back. kitsune has the extra range over t1 so now that ECM acts as a taunt gives you extra room to stay out of range and keep the jams on.


Thanks! Was just thinking of cheap frigate size to have some fun in a small gang.

Crucifier can enhance a small fleet quite cheaply. Included both types of weapon disruption in the cargo. You have enough room to fit a couple of weapons, but you won’t need them at the range you can operate from. :joy:

This ship has enough fitting room to T2 upgrade all of the modules. Keep the Quad MWD though.

[Crucifier, T1 Crucifier]

F-89 Compact Signal Amplifier
Type-D Restrained Nanofiber Structure
Type-D Restrained Nanofiber Structure

5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster, Targeting Range Script
DDO Scoped Tracking Disruptor I
DDO Scoped Tracking Disruptor I

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Small Particle Dispersion Projector I
Small Particle Dispersion Projector I
Small Particle Dispersion Projector I

Warrior I x3

Missile Precision Disruption Script x2
Missile Range Disruption Script x2
Optimal Range Disruption Script x2
Tracking Speed Disruption Script x2
Highstroke Scoped Guidance Disruptor x2


Wow so many options with those scripts! You keep at max distance or optimal range with those?

Don’t forget ECM drones.

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The Griffin is amazingly strong. Chainsaw is right, people will try to kill you immediately.

The idea is you stay far away from the fight and jam the enemy. Usually you stay aligned to something like a planet, because they will send their drones or fast frigates after you and you’ll have to warp out when they get close. Then you warp back and start again. You don’t need to keep people jammed constantly.

This is also great for learning because you’ll have to learn what all the ships are and which ones are important to jam. And you’ll have to pay attention to when you’re about to get caught so you can escape.


So I get that yellow box on me, warp off and back?

Tracking disruption (and missile disruption) is often under appreciated. You will need to recognise which ships are which - don’t TD a missile ship, you need a missile disruptor.

Understanding which of tracking/application or range disruption to use is again down to understanding and experience. Your FC may have a preference.

Yes, if you are yellow boxed then break off and bounce out and back - or if it’s only one or two targeting you or firing on you then suppress the living daylights out iof them. You will want to be operating at long range anyway, use it to your advantage. And arrive fashionably late (a few seconds) and at range - let the enemy get into their response before you arrive, ideally un-noticed to foul up their plans.

You are targeting their DPS. There’s nothing you can do about logistics. Other e-war types work against that - damps especially (sensor damping is also nasty).

An alternative e-war is to fly tackle - there are basic tackle ships, such as the Executioner, designed to stop a target escaping given by the fleet chance to demolish them.
It’s the path that will lead you to flying Interceptors.


Well not necessarily on yellow box, or even red box. This is one of the things to learn.

For example, you’ll be yellow boxed by someone using drones, but you can see drones moving towards you in space and you’ll have time to warp out as they move in your direction. It’s even good to get them to move almost all the way to you to waste the drone travel time.

But if you’re yellow boxed by something like an Oracle that can one shot you from 100km away, run!

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