Question about putting a ECM Burst Jammer on a Industrail ship

It would seem like a nice idea to put a Burst Jammer on a industrial ship to help get away but i am not sure about using E warfare though as it would that make you a criminal? I also looked at the range it was only 12 km which seem kinda low. I have been away from the game for a long time and just started getting back into it. Does any one have any thoughts or advice on it?

Burst is purely a mean to try and gtfo from being pointed at gate camp, though its effective range makes it only useful vs scrams. Even then it has only probability of jamming. In short, don’t bother, im yet to see anyone to escape using burst.

in null its worked against me a few times, even a well tanked occator can use it to get out of a bubble on reload cycle. Thats solo though, when faced with multiple scrams your prolly screwed. I still fit one to occator and viator though.

Pretty much don’t bother, you can and on a slim chance of getting away especially in high sec, better to get a blockade runner, fit for agility, get some implants, train the right skills, in that you would be so fast in high sec you would be near untouchable especially with cov op cloak, sure you won’t have large cargo but you will be fast.

Need more cargo space, even a t-1 Tayra fit for speed of alignment, with the right skills, etc, will be quick, and lastly don’t carry crazy amounts worth of stuff, people are watching even when you think they are not.

Lastly if you absolutely need a very large cargo hold a DST is ideal, however I’ve seen their broken hulls floating around, they can be fit nicely but you really want to learn to fly it properly, they are amongst the slowest of transport ships, but the cost of one vs the risk is quite a put off unless you use it for something important to you.

Hope this helps.

Just mwd cloak

Also never burst in hs you are more likely to get a visit from concord than jam anything

Dst are probably the safest ships to move crap in if it doesn’t fit a br. Tanked you will survive several Insta nados and mwd cloak solves the rest

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A myrmidon once used a random burst jammer and escaped while I was trying to ransom him. It’s a longshot but sometimes it just kicks everyone in the balls :ok_man:

Cloak / MWD (make sure to do it in this order) trick is still a better bet IMHO.

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