Scorpion Soloing, Burst Jammer vs Targeted Jammer?

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i’ve tried figuring this out for a while, now first of all i’m a noob at EWAR so i’ve barely touched that stuff (but i have leveled it just in case), ECM is kind of a 50/50 for me which means i’ve been on the end side of the jam so i know the pain, however, the Scorpion is a ship i want to fly in the future, which means im gonna have to become one with the jam.

i chose the Scorpion due to different reasons like aesthethics, slot layout, weapon flexibility and because i’ve never tried EWAR hulls. so i started simulating some basic fits to see how much i could churn out with a blaster fit (high damage output to compensate the lack of weapon bonuses). i also looked into some fits on the internet, specially Zkillboard.

this is currently the fit i’ve figured out:

[Scorpion, Regular Sea Scorpion]

Damage Control II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Signal Distortion Amplifier II
Signal Distortion Amplifier II

500MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Heavy Jigoro Enduring Stasis Grappler
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster
Burst Jammer II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Heavy Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I

Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer

Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Large Hybrid Collision Accelerator I
Large Hybrid Locus Coordinator I

Acolyte II x5
Infiltrator II x5

Cap Booster 800 x11
Void M x640

there’s a thing with ECM boats that i dont like so far and its that they get their mids choked full on jammer modules. people may have their reasons but i personally loathe those fits, so i tried to put the jamming part as an additional inside the fit, not the main emphasis as a whole.

i was thinking on Multispectral Jammers to help save on cargo since i’ll probably have to get it full on ammunition and charges so there wont be enough space to carry a Mobile Depot + all the specific colors. the problem is that it seems the bonuses give more range to the module so im not sure if the jams would be effective at the close ranges used by the blasters and the tackle.

thus i swapped the targeted jammer for a Burst Jammer. which works well inside the ranges of the Grappler, Web and weapons. the issue i find now is that it seems the Burst Jammer is more of an escape tool and doesnt keep the enemies from targetting me on the module cycle.

i honestly dont know what to do with the fit with that issue so i’d like to get some feedback from those that are one with the jam already.

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #2

First of all ditch the signal distortion amps, they don’t work on burst jammers, another thing is I would use RHML or auto cannons instead of blasters due to you being active tank.

In place of the amps add a cargo expander and even a sensor amp to increase lock speeds. Other than that, fit looks good.

(Villiam Kaardanen) #3

yeah the Signal Distorter Amps were a leftover of tinkering with the Multispectrals. forgot to change those., will have to revise. cargo expanders in a pvp fitting sounds weird but i can understand seeing that it only has like 600+ m3 for charges and stuff. i had one with Signal Amplifier II as a filler low. guess it makes sense to put it.

im not too sold on the Autocannons but i guess its better than going rapid heavies.

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #4

First of all, welcome to hardcore mode.

Second, your going to have to remember that the scorpion is not a combat battleship. With only 5 highs you can only have 4 turrets or 4 missiles, your dps is going to be poor. And unlike the Armageddon which has 5 missile/turrets and 2 utility highs paired with drone bonues your range of engagement will be smaller.

That being said, your engagement parameters will depend on your fit. While blasters do high dps, they also leave little room for error along with lasers. Auto Cannons will allow you more flexibility in fitting and targets and missiles will give you range and Target flexibility.

Auto Cannons will be similar to hybrids without the downside to cap but with lower dps (same with pulse) but you will have to be wary of ships with warp disrupter bonuses to range.

Cough cough… balanced legion…

Now with missiles you can go RHML or torps.

Torps will allow you to engage other Battleships with some success, and if you fit for application will wreak smaller ships.
RHML will prevent you from engaging bbs and thus you will be hunting bc and down. RHML will also help fight against kitting ships with better success than your other options.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #5

Ok…here’s the thing… Burst Jammers are not the same as ECM hammers. A burst jammer is a lock breaker. Once used, the burst hammer may cause a target to lose or break its lock. However, they can immediately start to relock you. So say I had an interceptor… You could burst jam me and I would lose my lock for about 2 seconds till I relocked you. It really won’t help you much.

ECM jammed prevent a target from locking anything until the ECM jammer’s cycle is over. Once the cycle is over, the chance to jam again occurs and if successful, the target still locks.

So basically burst jammed will break locks and effect multiple targets. But targets can immediately start removing. ECM hammers only effect one target but if successful, will jam a target for the full cycle.

(Villiam Kaardanen) #6

yeah that’s the issue im having with the Burst Jammer as choice for the fit. i wanted to use Targetted Jammers initially but im worried about the range of those vs the range of everything else.

i mean, im fitting the ship for brawling so im not sure if the selected color or multi jammer will work at close. most info about ECM talks about effectivenes at Falloff ranges not at distances shorter than optimal.

if that doesnt apply for targeted ECM effectiveness then its more than enough for me since it saves a lot on the fitting.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #7

Under optimal, jammers work normally. It is only on falloff that percentages drop. So brawl and jam away!!!

(Villiam Kaardanen) #8

thankyou for the feedback both of you. its more or les the information i was looking for, now i can only worry about choosing the weapons.

(Hidden Markov) #9

Different play styles for how to use this but the best seen, imo, was more for fleet work. If feeling brave you warp into a cluster, burst to mess up their target locks, gtfo. Reposition and do it all over again.

Had a friend real good at this, man he ticked off some hostile fleets doing this. Took enough stuff off line enough times it was of great help.

(Villiam Kaardanen) #10

ok, uplifting this thread again because i have a problem to decide on the weapons. i couldnt import my character skills to Pyfa (the latest version) so i’ve been trying to look at the graphs of the max V setup with the following weapons:

-Rapid Heavies
-Dual 425mm/650mm Autocannons (depends on powergrid constraints)
-Dual 250mm Railguns
-Dual Heavy Pulse Lasers
-Large Electron Blasters
-Medium T2 Neutron Blasters

best speed i can see on the ship is 1200 m/s with a heated 500mn and i dont have access to MJD so i cant kite (as far as i know). this means i have to go with these “brawl” range weapons and try to have my targets locked in place with the tackle mods.

i’ve tried looking at the graphs and testing damage against small signature targets (30m signature radius as testing value). however the graph shows like missiles are the only systems affected by signature while turrets only loose DPS from their range limitations.

so, im not sure what to choose for the job. seeing that im not going to have the advantage of full application or damage, i’d like to know of those which should be the most reliable in terms of damage application at all sizes, not just against smaller vessels but also against other battleships.

im gonna leave the T2 Medium Blaster fit as reference as all the others follow more or less the same pattern

[Scorpion, Scorpion Blaster M]

Damage Control II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Signal Distortion Amplifier II
Signal Distortion Amplifier II

500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Heavy Karelin Scoped Stasis Grappler
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
Multispectral ECM II
X-Large C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Heavy Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I, Navy Cap Booster 800

Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M
Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M
Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M
Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M
Heavy Infectious Scoped Energy Neutralizer

Large Cargohold Optimization I
Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Large Hybrid Collision Accelerator I

Acolyte II x5
Infiltrator II x5

im also looking at using the Burst Jammer in an alternative fitting (you can churn in some more DPS on it that way) but im still skeptical about its usefullness due to how it works compared to targetted ECM.

(Cletus Graeme) #11

Like most range modules in EVE, optimal range means “from 0km upto that range” so ECM jammers will work as intended UPTO their optimal range beyond which they have Falloff.

You can use Multi-Specs but they have a significantly lower chance to jam so you’ll need more than one. Alternatively you can go with 1-2 racials and re-fit according to your target but this obviously requires intel and the ability to swap out jammers.

Alternatively, ditch the ECM completely and opt for an off-the-wall bait tanker setup because the ship is specialised for fleet ECM support so people are likely to engage if they find one solo on a gate.

One advantage of the ECM burst is confusion and deception because your opponents might be fooled into thinking you’re ECM fit and trying to run away, so they’ll attack with more vigour and close in for the kill allowing you to tackle.

If you’re intending to bait tank then, as has been suggested already, cap-less weapons are more forgiving. Torps + TP or Cruise are probably the best “all-round” option but you can switch to high damage blasters as you become more familiar with flying the ship.

There are no “ideal” ship setups. Every fitting decision you make comes with pros and cons, so you should fit with a particular strategy in mind and choose your fights accordingly when possible.

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