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What’s going on guys? So, Literally never played this game a day in my life, and am currently doing the tutorial stuff, fought the hive and am doing some agent missions. I am looking for some people that could possibly mentor me, learn me something so I don’t get taken advantage of. I really wanna like the game and I heard Corps are an integral part of the game and makes it so much more engaging. Anyway, I am 27, mature but like to joke around and definitely wanna meet some new friends. I dont know how to go about adding anyone or anything so any help would be much appreciated lol Sorry for being a scrub in advance.

I suppose I should list some goals I have for the game:
-Make Money
-Eventually PvP
-Meet new people
-Be part of the team

Anyway, let me know, definitely wanna advance, currently doing agent missions and trying to get some materials together. Will be on for a bit longer its 4am here.

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Hello Crooked Alduin,

We are a WH Training CorpAlliance, where our EVE backgrounds span from everywhere space. If you get a chance, please stop by and give us a look see…

Hope to see you in space,

I went ahead and send you a mail in game, Hope to hear from you!

Hi Crooked,
Welcome to the last game you will ever play! Well no one told me that 14 years ago… and if I’m honest I’ve been known to play other games, but EVE can’t be beat!

We’ve started a High Sec corporation which has a C2 Wormhole to farm, we aim to do exactly what your looking for.

Have a look at our recruitment thread

EVIL TURTLES - helping you get more from EvE Online

Feel free to say hello in our Public Channel, or drop me an EvE mail in game.



I represent a small PVP corp in NPC null sec. We do accept, help, and mentor new players to the game. You’ll be able to make some money, and hopefully make some friends out here. If you’re interested let me know and we can talk more!

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