New Player LFCorp Non-wardec

New player looking for Corp that’s not going to be War decced.
Interested in mining and Indy.

Hey moira,

I would be glad if you took a look at the ad we have out for Instrumentality of Trade:

Send me a message and tell me what you think.


Looks like you own a structure and have been War decced before.
Thx for the offer thou,

Hello there, not sure how large of a corp you’re looking for but Dungeon Shack is open :slight_smile:

Dungeon Shack is looking for a few pilots

Swamp Panthers Inc. is non- war eligible. we are industry and mission focused and are a part of Bad Wolf Industrial alliance. we can provide guidance and assistance as well as access to many different structures. We’re pretty laid back. Give me a mail in game if you are interested. Thanks!

We have. Can I ask why you have this request specifically? Owning structures is a prerequisite to making good money in this game. There really is no way around that.

I respect if you want to avoid it of course. Im really just curious here.

I plan to run 3 miners and would rather not worry about the war decs is all.

Well, so if you are running three miners, wouldnt you be interested in doing it in nullsec?

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