New Player looking for a Hisec indy corp to learn


I’m a new player, started yesterday however I have some experience (played years back a bit). I am looking for a newbie friendly hisec corp that’s doing mining/industry since I want to specialize in mining and later on industry first, maybe some combat later. I would wish to join an already established corp with activity or a fairly new one as long as it is intended to grow and have some action :slight_smile:

Right now I’m an Alpha clone, but I intend to switch to Omega as soon as I use all the alpha injectors (I bought the starter pack via Steam already).

I’m willing to learn again and do some mining and other activities, hisec for now only please.

My timezone is GMT+1 and I’m from Poland.

Feel free to message me in-game, i should be online today most of the time, as I will in the future.

You, my dear friend, should check out our Corp - NEXT INDUSTRIES SERVICE!

We are active in the amarrian Region and established a new branch there, all in the uprising. Lots of Ore, Moon Go, Station Support, as also as fun and entertainment is ahead - we are not only miners and prodders … we are taking this stuff with force :wink:

If you want to know more and take a look, I would be happy to see you in our public channel:
NXT Public

Or simply join our discord server to contact us directly:

o7 and fly brave,

Just go for Nullsec and join Pandemic Horde, they’ll help ya.

Search Knights of the Moonlight in game and speak with one our peeps. We have set up moon mining and prodution stations! loads of help and more people are joining everyday to the corp!!


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