New player looking for beginner friendly corporation

I’m a new player to the game (just finished the Career Agent missions) and now I am looking for a friendly and mature corporation that can help me get a better understanding of the game. Right now the game is a little bit intimidating with its size and scope and having a corporation that can guide and aid me through the vastness would be great.

I am a 35+ years old gamer living in the EU. I have historically been more of a PVE player than PVP, however with the right crowd PVP can be fun. My main gaming hours is somewhere between 18:00-21:00 CET on most weekdays, with the possibility of more on weekends. I have discord/mic.

What I look for:

  • A community that is happy to help and teach a new player.
  • Social aspects of a corporation. Group play, chatting etc.
  • Friendly, mature and respectful enviroment.
  • An understanding for RL commitments.

As a person I am social, calm, willing to learn and understand that mistakes happen and that they are possibilities to learn. I have no patience for toxic behavior, elitism or similar and do not want to be around it.

If this seems like traits that would fit in your corp please let me know, see you in game!

Come join us at The Order of Omerta we are full of newer and returning players. Very relaxed and full of helpful ppl. We can teach you pve, pvp, fw and indy. Then you can choose what you like to do best.

All we require is a mic so you can be in coms.

If interested come by

Hey man looks like we can work well togather
Plz read our add and who knows what can happen

Hi Jakvard,

Our corporation is an active and helpful group of mature players. You can explore the whole game with us at your own pace but always have something going on. Our recruitement thread is below so if you want to contact us check it out. Good luck regardless - 🌌 High Sec Mining Corporation - Seeking Miners and Industry Pilots - Spice Mining Defenders Corporation

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