New player looking for corp

I got recruited, delete this

Abyss wanderers is a new low sec Corp. We’re small, tight knit, and are always willing to teach new people! Shoot me a message, would be happy to talk.


If you are interested in pvp, our corp “Kill’Em All, Let Bob Sort’Em All” is opened to newbros ( myself joined Eve only three months ago and joined this corp six days after signing up).

If you are new to Eve just take the time to read the wiki page about Faction Warfare :

Just be aware that Faction Warfare has consequences : no safe haven in high sec because of the permanent war mechanism, you loose access to enemy space ( their npc hunt you so no Jita) but in the same way you can do FW missions, have pvp content all the time and LP system can make you gain a lot of lp even as a newbro ( aka rabbit plexing).

About the pvp aspect : just be aware that at first you will die, a lot. The “buy 50 cheap frigs and explode them” is not a meme, it’s a reality. So pvp is hard at first but the vets in the corp and the alliance will help you.

And even loosing is part of the climbing : learn to know your enemy. Ask your killer what was his ship, what you did wrong and could have done better.

Eve is a kind of rock/paper/scissors system which can be roughly summed up as the following : brawlers deal a lot of damage, scram/kiters deal less damage but outrange the first, kiter have even more range, anti-kiters can catch up with kiters and blast them at close range, brawlers at close range outgun or outank anti-kiters. Repeat the circle.

There is no perfect ship in Eve : you have to make choice between tank/damage/speed/range. And therefore choose the ship which synergies well with those choices.

Before joining, you can drop in our public channel if you have questions about FW or PVP : “K.E.A Pub”

Our full add can be found here :

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