New player looking for small group to learn pvp

Hi, I have been playing a few weeks and so far got invited to a corp who seemingly wanted my tax, and tried Karmafleet but to be honest I was a little overwhelmed numbers wise.

I’m looking for a few players who are pretty active that can take on a new player and go out in smaller fleets.

Not sure if such a thing is possible but hey, here I am asking. I haven’t a clue about pvp for the most part but am keen to learn (and I have goggles). I didn’t sign up to run around looking for cash, just want some fun.

Anyway, let me know if you have a spot for me. Based in UK and not yet even 1m skill points, but I can fly a Vexor if that helps.


Hey ya,

We are alpha, omega and new player friendly, we live in null and are more than happy to help you learn, we even have members that stay in High sec that we help via Teamspeak and even fly down to assist so they can get the hang of things before coming out to Null! It can be overwhelming and frustrating, we understand and are more interested in helping you to improve you game and enjoy the fun stuff! Check out our corp information here and see the amazing team of people we have growing together. There is never a bad question, we only provide answers! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you and see you on the grid!


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