New Player Looking For Corporation

Hello everyone,
I am an active player who is looking to get fully involved in this game. My current total xp is only 3 million. However, I wish to continue to grow and expand my knowledge/experience of the game. Right now, I have taken a liking to the mining aspect of the game but I have also tried exploring and PvP briefly. I also enjoy these and have yet to find anything that I do not enjoy. Would love to find a group of like-minded players who wouldn’t mind helping me out with dumb questions every now and then. :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I am a good fit for YOUR corporation,

EVE University is an awesome place for new bros!

Hi Mike,

If you want to jump into a player corp, give me a shout in game or leave a message under my tab.

Come and have a conversation you never know.


If u r still looking join us on Devilicious channal in game for a talk . ^^

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The Grove is a small, new player friendly corps operating in low sec space. No drama, do what you want. We are currently running lvl 4 missions, WH daytripping, a little PVP, mining, as well as Indy. Send me a message in game if you want to check us out.

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Greetings Mike.

My corporation, Stellar Spectre Collective, is possibly an ideal group for you. We are new, but growing steadily. Focussing on PvE activities for now with the goal of PvP in the long term. I would encourage you to look up the in-game recruitment ad for more info. You can always message me in-game for more info as well.

Fly safe o7

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If your interested in null, we own our own Sovereign space. We run multiple minning ops daily. We are however predominately a pvp corp and provide content regularly. We also have a military training director that runs classes and live fire exercises to help build our guys combat skills.
We are active with lots of people in discord throughout most timezones.

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