New Player Mining Corporation

Are you new to the game? Looking to advance your mining skills or protect a mining fleet? Simply wanting to avoid the 11% tax rate of other corporations? Join the Nightingale Syndicate today! Hiring new players only, preferably miners or enforcers. Why should you join us? Continue reading below!


  • Enjoy our mining in the safety of fleets!

  • We will give you a basic introduction to mining

  • Access to a generous ore buyback program

  • 500.000 ISK Sign on bonus


  • Grow your skills by protecting fleets

  • Very generous pay

  • Many promotion oppurtunities

  • 1 Million ISK Bonus after your first mission!

    Every Position

  • Ship Replacement Program

  • Basic introduction to EVE

  • 0% Tax rate

  • Advancement Program


  • Discord (Need to join our server)

  • Join our corp in EVE HR

  • Join at least one Corp mining fleet weekly

  • Or donate 1 Million ISK to the wallet weekly

Ask any questions and I’ll try to answer them! This is mainly for newer players! Discord and EVE HR links will be provided once you join!
Good luck on your ventures,

The Nightingale Syndicate

We are still recruiting!

How active is your discord? Voice coms? Also whats the ship doctrine like?

Where are you guys based at?

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