New player with injected skill points looking for a corp


5.3m sp

and bored

Hello Brian
Im BloodFlake Paaltomo ceo of waterfall industries, we are a highsec mission running/ mining corp based in the forge. we offer
Moon Mining
BuyBack Programs
Mining Programs
Mission Running Porgrams
Orca Boosted mining fleets
If you would like to hear more info try me in-game at BloodFlake Paaltomo or try our discord at

Join us and stop be bored! Just look at here: Brewmaster Armada - Providence Based Corp is Recruiting Players of All Skillset

We have all - Highsec base, Nullsec base, industry, mining (moon mining too), ratting, mission running, PVP - including fleets. Stop be bored, it’s time to have fun :slight_smile:


You will like here with us.

Not sure if anyone has done basic training with you and recommended ship tactics and skill paths to follow to get to where you want to be new a few months?

This would be what i would recommend you look for in a corp or group you plan to join, helpful advance on how to advance in you character development.

All this can be done with a mentor or a corp with good leaders and senor members willing to help you grow, not use you as an extra labourer following the rules.

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