New Player Wormhole Corporation

Kingsparrow Wormhole Division is a small Wormhole Corporation looking to develop it’s members knowledge of J-Space and die many, many times in the process no doubt!

  • Alpha Friendly
  • 100% SRP on Basic Scouts (Why get punished for learning?)
  • Citadel with a C2 and C3 Static, regularly scanned chains for Hi-Sec travel
    -Athanor for industry
  • Experienced Founders
  • Combat Site Running
  • Group Exploration
  • Low Tax Rate PI
  • Weekly Roams

Applicants need only answer a few questions, prior to a quick chat with one of our recruitment officers.

  • How long have you played EVE?
  • What draws you to Wormhole space?
  • What types of gameplay do you enjoy the most? (Mining, PvE, PvP… etc)
  • What can we as a Corp do you for?
  • And finally, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Either apply to the corporation with an application answering the above questions or email myself (XGAMES) the recruitment officer for further details or to move forward with the recruitment process.

We have a public channel you can join and say hi in, simply search for ‘K.W.D Public’!

Hope to hear from you soon,

K.W.D Recruitment Officer


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