Newbros Welcome WH Corp

Hello from the Kingsparrow Wormhole Division,

K.W.D. is a small, but growing WH corp that caters to new players and develops them. We know that real life is important, there is no mandatory time requirements to play, play when you want. We are located in a pulsar C4 WH. Multiple routes to High sec and there is a static C2 and C3. Routes scanned daily.

Please contact K.W.D. recruitment officer XGAMES or join our public chat ‘K.W.D. Public’ to speak further.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kingsparrow Wormhole Division


Do you have a discord channel I can join to get some more info?

Cheers o7


We reserve discord for corporation purposes only. But you may join our public in game chat and we can chat with you more there. It is ‘K.W.D. Public’.



No worries!

Was on yesterday but didn’t see anyone online, will try again in the morning after this nightshift haha.

Do you have a discord username I can pm a few questions over to whilst I’m at work?


I’m interested in living in a wh. I have 15 sp and still training. I can fly some t2 but mostly t1. I like to mine, PVP ,PVE, and explore.

So we created a discord channel now for a public chat today just to facilitate another way to chat to members. So you can follow the link and chat with us there.





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