Social WH Corp/Alliance Newbros Welcome


Kingsparrow Wormhole Division is currently recruiting. We reside in a C4 pulsar wh, with 8 planets for PI. Our alliance is close to 300 members. Come fly with a group that understands that real life is important, so no mandatory fleets or events. We pride ourselves on the laid back culture and super approachable pilots for newbros to find their way in the life of a wormholer. Either join us on our public chat at ‘K.W.D Public’ or our discord @ Hope to hear from you soon.

Content available:

1)PVP small gangs

2)PVE-Event combat site runs C1-C5

  1. Mining events

  2. Very social group/ with someone always on, no matter what tz you reside in

  3. ESS op runs


-Buyback program @ 90% Jita price for all loot, ore and PI

-All the facilities for industry

-Moon mining

-Experienced veteran pilots to learn from

-Super newbro friendly


K.W.D. Recruitment Officer





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