(New Players Welcome) - Skulls Of Valor [LowSec Piracy + Logistics/Mining] [S.U.S.P.E.C.T.S Alliance]

:skull: Skulls Of Valor :skull:

Welcome to our add!
We’re a new, small number upcoming lowsec corporation/alliance who resides in lowsec, this system has one gate in and out and we will continue to keep adding our footprint inside it.

We are opening the doors to new and old players alike, trying to start something new and meet new friends to fly with!

We’re accepting corps into our alliance aswell, for smaller corporations regardless what your efforts are in new eden. PVP is not essential in the alliance or corp, but benefiting from PVP backup, finance and protection is! You dont have to fly under our corps flag to get the benefits!

  • No SP requirement, we all started somewhere.
  • No rules or regulations, do what you want! We believe EvE should be fun not a second job.
  • Financial support for newer players and corp ceo’s, no need to worry about getting your feet wet losing ships and learning PvP.
  • Private citadel in our solar system for clones and ship storage. (Fortizer coming soon for days for capital docking & private market!)
  • 100+ Million ISK Sign up bonus for new players depending on what you can fly :moneybag:
  • Learn and grow in EvE with confidence in lowsec.

Public Channel : Skulls Of Valor Public

Industry/Miner players are also free to join, as we have a subcorp for miners and industry players who can enjoy protection from our ranks in lowsec space and surrounding systems in the region.

For all inquiries contact Bellatrix Sol ingame!

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