NEW PRICE! WTS 25m small ship PVP

Selling my self!:

I am god of this thread!

Starting at 18b

Hit me with offers :slight_smile:


Cmon someone must want a decent char likes this ! :slight_smile:

up up up

UP UP UP new reduced price!

Hi 16b offer

Thats a start but im really looking for more - alone the skill extraction is worth more :slight_smile:

up up up

Hello 17b I can offer.

Give me 17,5b and ill let it go :slight_smile: ill pay the transfer ofc

ok 17.5 I agree.

Alright, send isk and info after DT and ill start it right away :slight_smile:

im at out side now, few hous late i‘ll come back to make the deal.

Isk and message sent

Transfer is now in progress thanks!

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