New Project Discovery: COVID-19

Me also :frowning: Pretty pissed off tbh

@CCP_Aurora This is seriously discouraging, why should I put any effort at all into the new project if all my effort can be wiped out at a whim? I don’t mind doing the new one but the XP achieved so far on the old one should be redeemable in some way.

EDIT: SoE or Concord loyalty points conversion maybe nudge nudge


Remember kids, no more than 5 submissions per minute, no matter how fast you are at drawing a box. :roll_eyes:


Hah, welcome to my world - I managed to at least burn past the enforcer and skin before this died - was only 6 more levels from 200. I knew this was coming the moment they mentioned Proj Disco in an earlier blog, so very glad I managed as much as I did in the space of a few weeks.

I’ve given this some extra testing and can confirm that the daily limit is hard - relogging doesn’t let you get around it, sorry folks.
Bit of a pity, as I wouldn’t mind no-lifing my way to the marshal so I don’t have to splurge 7bill and change on a prebuilt one. But if this version of PD is around for long enough I suppose it won’t be too bothersome?
Guarantee I’ll be getting to 500 minimum this time around!

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highest reward is at 650

edit: ignore this, I must learn to read properly in future.

The reset hurts a LOT! Escaping COVID in a videogame by working on discovering planets was needed, now it follows me into EVE!


Worst iteration of project discovery. Without actual discovery. Total garbage.

There is zero science here. You are not uploading any data. Only thing to do here is trying to achieve pre-generated results.

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Hey, yeah, no worries.
I’ll try to hit that 650 too, because Stuff, but a marshall that doesn’t cost 7bil+ is much more welcome to my mind. =D

You’ve not got past the ultra annoying early samples then.
Once you break past the terrible accuracy minimum requirement, the system starts giving you fresh samples, with the occasional pre-gen “tester” to keep you on your toes. Just like the previous system, really. Pretty easy to burn through (I already hit my max results per day limit), it’s just really annoying at first.


I was getting somewhere near 300 so not as far into it as you, but yeah I’m pretty disgusted they’d wipe progress just like it was nothing - changing the game is one thing but there’s no guarantee I’d get to rank 500 by the time they change it again, so they can whistle if they think I’m starting over - existing contributors should have retained their ranking so they could learn the new game and carry on.


Did you just completely delete my Exoplanet progress then slip in a new Covid one and actually expect me to contribute?

Apparently the new bait and switch model has been perfected from Athanors.


I’ve also noticed that the activity tracker for Project Discovery has been reset.


So I am a bit curious how Covid-19 pertains to a space game. On top of that I am further curious how a video game that is typically used as escapism has a reminder too one of the worlds worst real life problems works out.
Should the next Project Discovery be identifying Cesium in rain drops from Fukishima?

Thanks for deleting my progress, i will never open it again.

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I was around level 460-470. All that time wasted. Thanks CCP :frowning:
If you only had given us any info on the ETA of the the new project discovery phase, i could have done a few more samples per day, and got the marshal BPC.

This sucks.


Bye snowflake

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This is a strange PD this time

  • less difficult
  • less rewarding max ~50K /sample instead of ~100K before ( max accuracy )

I wish what the PD we did in the past stayed in a form in our character.
The cells was quite the challenge, the exoplanet sometimes tricky , and this after my level 5 looks quite elementary . maybe I am still having basic sample ?


Enjoy biology online!

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Well, I was level 491, thought I would finish in the next few days. Thought I had few days.

Well, I thought I would do a bit of eve this evening. Now I am having a beer - that one is way more reliable that whatever was this.


Work on new PD was announced at least month ago ago ( So I don’t understand all that rant

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Salt doesn’t apply to me as I crossed level 500 years ago.
However, I get people that were trying to finish out a certain level before it ended and CCP while they said they were going to start a new version of PD they never said when. And this never showed up on SISI (As far as I know) It just suddenly showed up some day with no warning.
I do sympathize with everybody that was close to a specific 1 time reward. Some warning would have been nice.


It didn’t announce that the current progress would be wiped and it didn’t give any estimation of when this wipe would happen. Two quite important aspects.