New Project Discovery - golden zones


I have a simple question - how are the so called “Golden zones” preset? I observe cell clusters with clear division line between them are divided in other places or sometimes are not divided at all. You can see the shape and spread of the cells clearly and when you divide them it appears that the “golden zones” were set at completely random zones.

Above said I can’t find any logic in the pre-set golden zones. Is there any logic at all? Were they set by an AI or badly slept ccp DEV?

Thank you!

They gold zones I believe are an average. The whole point is to crowdsource the gold zones.

The gold zones are so stupid that I just closed the thing. Even the ones in the tutorial were dumb.

I believe they absolutely can’t be average. The purpose of the gold zones is to test player accuracy => it’s unlikely they would be based on player results. They’re testing whether you’re a good analyst, not whether you conform to the masses. And in any case, I’m pretty sure they were there from release of this new stage thus they couldn’t have been defined as player average.
Maybe they are average over results from experienced analysts gathered before release. Which would, of course, beg the question - what were these analysts thinking. Some of the gold zones really don’t make sense - although most aren’t outright nonsensical and it’s more in the style where the clusters are obvious but it’s pretty unpredictable precisely where the border should be.

They could still be an average. They may have had a seed dataset taken from the master project or from participation of the developers themselves.

Some lazy grad student did them “good enough” - now they are the gold standard we are supposed to match.

I agree with the Golden zone accuracy being… Questionable…

Kind of hurts one’s percentage when one of these comes along!


Jesus, haven’t seen anything that bad. I also find different toons get different “tests.”

I.e. one toon only gets tested on the type of sample you posted above, and my other one has all sorts of tests with different sample types/patterns. Kind of odd…

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