Project Discovery

Some observations after doing 50 levels of this stuff:

  • The accuracy tests repeat over and over. I have them memorized. Why keep feeding them to me?
  • Why is there a speed control if my accuracy is high? Why does it matter how fast I am going when I am accurate? Discovery forces me to stop going if I go too fast.
  • The accuracy tests are not valid. The tool teaches you to circle things that are clearly not clusters. Big red, yellow, and green blob up top, then stuff that is not clustered is supposed to be circled also. Over and over again the tool teaches you to wrongly identify patterns that are not present.
  • The interface has sci-fi artifacts that hinder use. The little waffles in the corner are decoration and obstruct the view sometimes.
  • The cursor is a bizarre design that isn’t like any cursor I have used before.
  • The cursor is inaccurate/unreliable
  • When corners are near each other, you can’t close the connection
  • There are no visible boundaries for the usable area. When you click outside the boundary, your work is deleted.
  • The accuracy percent at the top is not accurate. Mine has said 99% for 50 levels, but I think my accuracy tests are probably averaging somewhere around 70%.

When I am working these things, I don’t feel like I am contributing to something real or providing someone with usable, helpful, real analysis. Using it is clumsy and tiring.

The 40+ Marshal BPs I’ve acquired to date are pretty real :wink:

That’s the only reason to play in my opinion. Nobody bothers trying to be accurate after the first 10 levels.

Like every other in game event, it’s all about the loot. You’ll get the hang of just drawing random shapes after a while and have the timing down to where you rarely have a hold put on it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

You are:

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