New/Returning Players - High Sec Social / Industrial Corp Looking for Miners and Friends to Chill and Make Some ISK


Fancycorp is a new social and industrial corp looking for new friends to play with and grow the corp together. Now is the chance to get your foot in the door on something fun and new.

Are you…

  • New to the game and looking for a place to fit in?
  • Want to be one of the people that start up something great?
  • Lonewolfing your way through space and want to make some friends with a common goal?

I am looking for miners and other industry-minded people to get a new corporation off the ground, increase our skills and knowledge of the game, and make new friends along the way.

Fancycorp is a division of Team Fancy, an 800+ member Rocket League community. Play Rocket League? Frustrated? Burned out? Got popped and need a break? We have RL friends to play with too to take a quick 30 min break and get back to making some ISK!

I am a new corporation owner but motivated. I am looking to offer in the near future:

  • Steady mining income
  • Mining boosts
  • Mining ops
  • Mineral buyback program
  • Replacement ships
  • Looking to start with some T2 production right away
  • Access to WH operations
  • Make everyone MORE ISK!
  • Definitely interested in PVP at some point. Lets plan it out.
  • Real life meet ups 2-3 times a year

What I expect from you:

  • Have Discord and a mic. This is a social corp
  • Willing to work together
  • Toxicity isn’t welcome
  • Willingness to learn with the corp
  • Just be a generally enjoyable person that likes the “crafting” and “numbers aspect” of games like Eve

Current play times:

  • I work from home so I am on ALL FRIGGIN DAY

Interested? Drop me a line and lets talk

o7 tflogotestbluerTsmall o7


Welcomed our first new corp member today. Another returning player like me. Looking forward to adding more people and getting some stuff done!

I’ll be on for the next two hours or so. Feel free send me an Evemail.

o7 tflogotestbluerTsmall o7

What region do you call ‘home’?


Sorry for the late reply. Busy weekend in real life.

The Forge will be home, for now.

Just wondering what your long term goals might be as my Corp is nothing but a tax dodge Corp as I run 2 accounts doing burners and a third running combat sites. Recently thinking I want a more social game. Current Sp 192m 50m and 4m.

Let me give you the run down:

I started playing in 2008. I usually only played for 1-2 months at a time with 1-2 years of inactivity in between. Lately, I’ve kind of yearned for a game I can play that will allow me to have a little more free time as I work from home.

However, I wanted to start something up rather than play solo or join in the middle of someone elses corp. Yes, the benefits may be better, but I’m actually still learning a bit and I learn best this way.

Team Fancy started by just a few of us playing Rocket League. We grew by meeting more people in game and just being a social group in general. We’re always on Discord in the evening, even if we arent playing the same game. We just like to hang.

As far as what I want to do with Fancycorp, right now I want to keep it industrial. All of my skills have been trained that way. Will there be plans for pvp/exploration/other activities? It depends on the people that join, what we enjoy, and whether or not people want to do it.

Right now doing some mining and production will get us like-minded corpmates. If we start goofing off on the side and enjoying another aspect of the game, well, we might want to consider adding that to our goals.

Hope this helps
Talk to you soon!


What TZ are you in?


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