New Rifter: Anyone Found A Use?

So rust is a bust, sadly.

Why aren’t you flying a Breacher? Breachers are very good, man.

Alternatively, what about Slashers?

I never liked the Rifter, but like the slasher and breacher, both fine ships.

WI haven’t tried it out yet, but the rifter’s still fast and can fit ab, scram, and web. If you drop a bit of DPS for a high-slot neut, you could run a nice mid-range setup and dedicate the lows to tank. I don’t yet know how dismal the DPS will be…

If it still has the tracking bonus, that may be somewhat lost on a mid range boat.

I’ll check the numbers when I get online… but the rifter is and always has been a powerhouse at controlling range. I don’t see why it can’t still do that… and that’s really all you need to be able to win with it.

If you know your mechanics, you can always win if you can control range.

That being said, for the rifter to require that much finesse (assuming the build I propose even works) is a slap in the face for what the Minmatar stand for.

It should be an ugly, dirty, and fast ball of gunfire with a glimpse of rust between flashes… and I firmly believe it’s preferred tactic should be brutal and simple (orbit @500, mess up target).


CCP recently removed the utility high slot, gave the Rifter a bit more CPU, and gave it another low slot. It does not have a tracking bonus, but rather a falloff range bonus. They seem to be pushing the scram-kite or arty kiting roles hard with the most recent Rifter changes.


Unfortunately, Rifter’s still shite at both.






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Nerfing a ship that was already considered low tier isn’t just a change. It’s a complete gutting. Rifter was a perfect example of minmatar design due to its utility. Now it’s trash. It has to ve significantly more narrow in its fitting choice, and it has become pidgeonholed down to like 2 fitting options, both of which it is terrible at.

I like the exta low. Arty rifter roams should be fun. You can do a lot with a powercore. 2? Wow, you don’t even realize.

Did it get extra CPU? That would help but I didn’t spot that.

I have tried 400mm plate fit with SAAR and 150s and had a couple of kills and a close loss. Dual gyro to keep the DPS up but dcu may be better. Range bonus helps the 150s stay competitive I think.

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Don’t get excited. I’m fairly certain the Rifter got +5 CPU some months ago…although that might have been soon after Alphas were introduced.

Found it, got 5cpu and 3pg back in end 2016. Could have done with a bit more with the slot change. The rocket launcher or neut fit in the old high didn’t use a lot of cpu compared to a low slot module.


Tried this today.

The falloff bonus interacts with the long autocannon falloff to make this guy a range champ. Barrage with good skills was running a 17k falloff… unheard-of on a frigate. You’re shooting around 10k with rep-fleet em.

With that many mids, I’m calling this guy a mid-range boat that fights in falloff range. The speed is good with an AB, web and scram. For my taste, I’m dropping a gun for a neut to make sure nobody tanks my ■■■■ DPS.

I’m not happy with the DPS (words rarely said about the rifter up to this point).

I didn’t finish the build on it (didn’t bother finishing out the tank)… but with web, scram, and neut (and it’s strong speed) I’ll easily establish range control on anyone it can grab.

I can’t think of a brawler that would hold it close or a speed boat that could hold it at bay… kiting is possible, but it’s fast with an AB.

I’d fly it.

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* Biomasses character *


I found a use for the Rifter !

Share plz

I used rifter for solo pvp using nosferatu and autocannons + small rep in low. Worked really well. Now it is trash, my build is no longer viable there is no place for cap booster and sacrificing 1 weapon slot for nosferatu lowers dps so much it is not worth it.

The only thing the extra slot in low is good for is inertial stabilizers and make it a travel fit (for which gallente’s Atron or amarr’s Punisher are still better options anyway).

RIP Rifter.


Really depends on your opponent, setup ( lol, the chess game that is New Eden). It does and will work against a mwd fit Comet if flown as a scram kite. Considering all the screw ups that can occur in piloting, etc… it can get kills. Is it a win button - no. If you want that - Fly the everybody is flying doctrine. If your up for a challenge, give the Ritter another look see.


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That fit is unbelievably bad for literally everything.

not sure in how good is the ship doing post patch but i tested this fit yesterday and i think it was solid (except perhaps, for the AB and the Meta4 weapons but well, im poor and noob):

[Rifter, Buffer Rifter]
Damage Control II
200mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
Kinetic Plating II
Explosive Plating II

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler

200mm Light ‘Scout’ Autocannon I
200mm Light ‘Scout’ Autocannon I
200mm Light ‘Scout’ Autocannon I

Small Anti-Explosive Pump I
Small Anti-Kinetic Pump I
Small Anti-Thermal Pump I

idea was to try and brawl the most but the first target was an executioner and meh. perhaps it could be used against something else. the AB was to have some speed even when webbed while not suffering from signature penalties but anyways.