New rules of PvP

Who has already tried the new rules of the game: when you kill a player’s ship (not NPC), its cost and the cost of the burnt equipment automatically fall into your account. If you kill with a gank, prize will be in proportions who did how much damage. Undamaged equipment still needs to be looted.

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Nice try.

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this prank would have had a better chance of working if we received an update this morning.

still, good try.

Not really, not even a Goon would fall for it.

Does this apply to asteroid combat?
Will we need to kill the asteroid before ore comes out?
In that case, can I mine faster with two T2 blaster catalysts to kill the asteroid and a freighter to loot it or one porpoise with two skirmish boosts and one info boost and a skiff?

You get percent of that if they have a bounty, right? Except not the fit.

It would be cool if they could account for the fitting.

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