New Ship: Union Destroyer

Ship Name
Amarr: Calamity (Offense) Destiny (Propulsion) Justice (Defense) Forbidden (Core)
Caldari: Merman (Offense) Pegasus (Propulsion) Mermaid (Defense) Garuda (Core)
Gallante: Apollo (Offense) Icarus (Propulsion) Artemis (Defense) Orion (Core)
Minmatar: Axe (Offense) Knife (Propulsion) Hammer (Defense) Lance (Core)
Union four type ship to super powered one ship!!

Would you kindly elaborate a bit more?

Something ljke this I think:

-1 we already have T3 destroyers so destroyers are more built out than many other classes

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Your posts don’t make sense.

Before you worry about names and stats or anything really, just explain the concept of the idea please and why it’s going to make the game better.


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