New Skill Idea: Ship Hijacking (de podding) and modules

Edit : Added a defensive side to this as well.

When ever one destroys a ship in one gets only 50% of the goodies :frowning:. Now pretend you can get 100% of the goodies and the ship as well! The ship can be sold for more profit, especially if it is a large or tier 2 industrial or even a jump freighter!.

This new skill requires a module called, ship hacker. Its similar to a relic/data analyzer. First you or someone warp scrambles a ship. Then you stay in a 1km range of the victims ship. Then you hack into the ship. The bigger the industrial or ship, the harder it will be to hack. the hack is successful, the poor victim’s pod is thrown out of the ship, and the hackers pod is automatically transferred into the victim’s ship. Now the hacker is the new owner of the ship. If the hacker fails twice, the victims ship becomes immune to all forms of combat and warp scrambling, and anti-warp bubbles for 1 minute.

A good way for the hacker not to loose much money is to use a corvette, or a cheap lvl 1 frigate as the hacking vehicle.

**NOTE: THE “SHIP HACKING” module only works in null sec. So you still will have to pvp in low or high sec. You can still pvp in null sec if you want. **

On the defensive side. If a victims ship has a module called : “Feed back loop ship shortcicuiter” This module will automatically get activated if someone attempts to hack the ship. Its similar to the ship hacker however, if the victim is able to finish their side of the hack before the hacker, the victim becomes invulnerable to anything for 1 minute. Also, the hackers ship and pod explodes. There also is a defensive stegnth against the hacker as one skills up this skill.

omega only skill intended, since if it was alpha and the victims ship is a tier II frigate… yah it would not work for lvl 1 even.

At lvl 1 ship hijacking: Ability to high jack corvettes to destroyers, and shuttles. Also gives you the ability to use the “ship hacking” and “Feed back loop ship shortcicuiter” module. Also +5% bonus defence against the hack (as in the hacker will have 5% less hacking strength while victim has 5% more hacking strength)

At lvl2 : cruisers and also, Tier1 industrials (standard industrials). Also +5% bonus defence

At lvl 3: battle cruisers and battle ships. also Tier 2 industrials (Transport ships). Also +5% bonus defence

At lvl 4: dreadnoughts and carriers, also freighters. Also +5% bonus defence

At lvl 5: Titans and jump freighters Also +5% bonus defence

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Ship is destroyed, what do you want to hack? But hacking low power citadels, to be able to take its fited modules and maybe even items stored in it… that would be just awesome! New profession, even if it would be very skill demanding, certainly will become popular.

I never said ship is destroyed, only it is warp scrambled.

So you got a module that steals my ship and I can’t do anything sounds not like totally broken mechanic …just hack supers and titans and steal them without any problem ?



read edited op post of mine.

read edited op post of mine made a defensive side.

so cause you added a useless module no one would fit on a Titan its better?You risk a frigate and the Titan pilot his titan because you force him to?seems odd to me

edit. titan might be a bad example but even a t1 battleship in compare to a t1 frigate is not really fair trade, cause the attacker has nothing to lose

the good thing is … CCP will not look into such trash ideas :wink:


Please use the appropriate forum sections. Thank you.

You want to post ideas and suggestion into Features & Ideas discussion.

Posting into the right forum section can make you look like you know what you’re doing, while posting into the wrong section does not.


No thanks

No. Go away. And stay away FFS.

Where they can receive the ridicule that they truly deserve.

CCP need a bot that moves any topic with the word idea in the title to the right part of the forum; the one where people go to be flagellated by others.

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The bad thing is… threads like this make CCP shake their heads remorsefully and go back to /r/eve to maintain their sanity (and that’s saying something!).

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No more, no less!

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