Add Hijacking to EVE Online

ok so lets say theres a Erebus and your a gallente omega/ alpha and no one is in the titan, but you dont have the proper skills, then you could hijack it and keep it alive for 10 mins without being targeted it will auto jump/insta warp you out of there.
YOU will need the required book and skill “hijacking” so at lvl 1 you can hijack like anything below battlecruiser
lvl 2 you can hijack tech 2 ships and tech 1 battle cruisers
lvl 3 you can hijack a subcap tech 1 or start hijacking faction cruisers or below
lvl 4 allows hijacking of tech 2 battleships and dreds
and lvl 5 allows you to get new knownledge of another book for hijacking enemy ships and you can hijack a titan or below aka anything.
but if you hijack in high sec and concord sees, there will be consequences.
there will be missions so you can hijack like a civilian orca or a weird ship.

Or you could sell the location to someone who does have titan skills.
People have traditionally trained up skills for this very purpose, WH’s in particular used to end up with empty ships at a recently run out of forcefield POS

ya that to but if you were alpha you could finally get a super and drive it only to dock in a base. like missions

Sorry but this is a terrible idea!

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Patience my young Paddawn. Lots of things to learn you have.

yes i know. if theres a few things ive learned itd be:

If you are a strong leader, your power will grow stronger.
If you are powerful, you will one day lead people into battle with you
if you are patient, your wealth will increase and you will become sucessful
whatever that path is, you decide.

Note that nowhere in this list does “put poorly thought out suggestions on the forums” appear…

Seriously I highly recommend learning more about the game and how ships and the game in general are balanced before making any more suggestions… if you have questions there are more than enough people who would love to answer them. Eve University also has a wonderful selection of recorded classes on a variety of topics.

…But there is nothing stopping you from stealing an unpiloted ship already…

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