Alpha and its uses

So my plan a few weeks ago was to make an alpha that could join a fleet to protect or attack a structure.

Remember we only have 5mill skill points before we hit the cap then we need to rely on free skill points.

I worked out a training plan trying not to waste any time. So far so good, think I’m on 3mill sp now already in a battle cruiser with guns at lvl 4. Working on shields and suport skills now, I’m hoping that the bc skills will mean I’ll have all skills necessary for smaller ships like destroyers.

Now i know this character will not be able to do much on his own but add in 10 characters like him, they could be of some use.

So if your aim in eve is a structure think about making combat alts and make friends with other structure owners, all make alts and make it a bit harder for small war dec corps to role you over.

If anyone is interested in the above drop me a line in game


Now please don’t say oh we are miners or mission runners we can’t pvp, the aim is to make an alt that has one job, one ship type.

You just need to learn how to fly it and what to do with it.

Think of it like the null F1 monkeys.

Remember eve is in the end people power

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Unfortunately, if you want any kind of numbers for this, you’d best post your “doctrine/suggestion fits” for your defense squad, and probably a link to a skill-training plan that covers the key skills. Don’t forget to consider that a new alpha account is going to take about 6 months to train up those 5m SP (without boosts).

Since it’s single-purpose, it could be a new account/new referral for the extra 1M SP. That could be used to reach the 5M quicker, but may be better redeemed after the 5M is reached to hit 6M effective SP.

If you’re looking for buy-in from industry/PvE/miner types, good chance they’re not familiar with the kinds of skips, skills and builds needed for a defense action.

If you wait for people to independently act on this, and figure out some builds and skill plans on their own and start training… well, let’s say I wouldn’t bet money on putting up a significant defense anytime soon.

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All very good points, I’ll post more info later, obviously people can buy any packs from ccp to help boost the start if they please.

The point is to gather together small groups and like you said its not going to happen tomorrow it takes planning

Anyone interested mail me in game, remember sneaky spies are afoot

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I’m still very curious why AGs are so intent on trying to cock-block small-scale PvPers from their gameplay, while completely ignoring the existence of larger groups, which conduct their operations on essentially a “mass-produced” level, and present an actual, genuine threat to the groups that AGs allegedly wish to assist.

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The very first thing I train up my alpha alts for is my Gnosis fit, which takes about 12 days to skill for and can deliver 400 DPS or so and 70K EHP. An alpha fleet full of those would be formidable.


Indeed, just got him into a Gnosis yesterday, never looked at his dps but i will do

Can you send me the fit so i can see where im at

Its strange why you think its blocking someones game play. Lets go to the start of the chain as i see it.
Oh yes small war dec groups blocking people who own structures from playing the game and no matter how you Twist what i just said thats what they are doing if your above statement is true.

Are we not free to fight who we wish or do you think structure owners should whinge and ask ccp for protection.

And yes i know its a hard battle to get people to do anything but doesn’t mean you can’t try.

Besides looking at some people bashing structures showing up with 3 or 4 ships you can see its not going to be that hard with a hand full of pilots and a well setup structure to make them rethink there plan


Attackers only brings 3-4 ships?

Did the triglav ships changed structure bashing so much? Last time I did this I needed 8 ships to be able to kill manned and well fitted athanor myself and it was 2 hours job and huge pain in the ass. If he brought even single alt in battleship I would have lost that time.


Of course you are.

But if you’re going to make yourself out to be god’s gift to the community for going after the smallest operators while making them out to be the biggest threat, which is obviously not the case, then you’ll be rightfully called out for it.

It’s like all of your plans revolve around picking out the easiest targets, and then preemptively talking yourself up to make it sound like you’re making this big, valuable contribution. Like you know that you’re setting the bar very low, so you try to disguise the fact by using these marketing tricks to cover it up.

You never do something like saying “we’ve performed a kill board analysis, and determined that Wrecking Machine is responsible for 56% of high-sec mining structure destruction, so we are working toward putting together a plan to prevent them from operating so successfully!” No, you instantly jump to the groups with “3 or 4 ships” while talking about bringing “10 characters” of your own, like you’re painfully aware that you can’t ever do anything unless you have 3:1 odds on your side at the minimum. It always sounds so sad.

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What is happening… been away for a few hours and now there is all these discussions about the Gnosis and everyone is going Alpha?

Even a t1 fit they can make Clone Soldier tag a fun activity.

Ok i think i understand now why you are like you are about me. I genuinely don’t try and make myself out to be gods gift to anything,im sorry if my actions give you the impression I’m on some parth to glory or fame, I’m not

90% of my posting are to try and create content for a game i love playing, of course we would go after the smallest threat first and if that worked most people can figure out who would eventually be a target.

Really this post started because of the endless whining about structures and people saying you have no right to have them if you dont do this and this. The Other point was about how ccp nerffed alpha’s in high and they have no use any more.

Who would sign up to try and fight Wrecking Machine or Black Flag that’s not what this is about, we have actually been on a structure defense with WM on our side, i dont have an issue with any group like that. although I did have fun seeing a very large attacker give up a leave the field.

The idea is to try and motivate people to defend what they make from people who are out to kill what they make, these attackers often go after weaker targets, maybe because they are in fact weak themselves,
one thing i did do was look at some supposedly large group to see how many took part in combat,one group of 900 members had 37 pilots active that week,defending against that is not fantasy,its possible with training.

Coming up tomorrow against WM with a hand full of guys will end one way eventually, where fighting a small group and having a good fight even losing would be way more satisfying

(Sorry i rambled a bit)


Seems like the poster child of the Eve forums has a hate boner for you. Don’t forget that this is a war deccer that makes challenges that require the defender to put up a war HQ, you can’t take this person seriously. I found that he accuses others of his own faults and issues.

Take the comment about 10 characters against three, it is said with such authority as if you are doing something wrong, but anyone with any experience in Eve will know that three Omega characters properly set up with bling fits, implants and the right drugs would be tough for Alphas limited to 5m SP with less ship and fitting choices to take on. Without those numbers you would be giving easy kills, and even with those numbers it is not going to be easy. To suggest that you need to aim at WM or Black Flag first is just plain silly. Small war dec fights should be the bread and butter of hisec war decs, he should be welcoming your efforts, but instead he is just showing what a plonker he is.

What you are suggesting is great, I wish you luck in doing it.


Some good points you make and yes 3 Omega as you described would be hard to crack, in Direct assault but there are other things that can be done, this force i talk about is an edition to force already in place or allied to.

Also the fact i am talking about alts and one alt setup with battle cruiser should be easy to fund for a structure owner, even if we are just cannon Fodder


Hellooo forum!:smiley:
@Githany_Red Your initiative is good for the game and those Alpha pilots who may not know where to direct their efforts next. Also a chance to learn, experiment and lose a few ships in a meaningful way, not diddlying through an unknown solar system waiting to get ganked.

Don’t listen to the naysayers or you’ll never do anything and nothing will happen.

Fifie cheerleader


Absolutely, sensor damping, ECM will all put pressure on them and make them give up. This can be a lot of fun.


You are basically talking about starting a Cooperative, why dont you call it that? It sounds like fun.
So less forum talk, more action, get the ball rolling.

There is nothing to lose for anyone who wants to partake, because the ships will be cheap and the Alts will be unknown.

So no one is in danger of ruining their precious zkill stats.

Many people will already have a Alpha alt with 5M SP, I have two I think, this could be the Blue pill booster I need to increase my flagging interest levels.

Okay, so you respond to a post with criticism about your plan, and that’s fine, but then I read something like that, and wonder if you possess any sort of self-awareness at all. I’m starting to think that you’re actually a ganker alt, operating to discredit the AG community by acting like some kind of ultra-stereotypical white-knight caricature.

You “don’t have an issue with any group like that”? You do realize that these groups are responsible for like 98% of the wars and 99.9% of high-sec station destruction in the game, right? Go browse the in-game war list. It’s two pages (was six just two years ago) of five large groups responsible for the vast majority of this sort of activity.

Where are these magical “small war dec groups blocking people who own structures from playing the game” you were talking about? This isn’t 2008 anymore. The one or two wars you’ll see from some random small corporation every month are extreme outliers, and those people certainly aren’t shooting any structures. Your intent is to try to beat the last remaining unicorn to death, if you actually manage to ever find one?

You’re so ridiculously out of touch that I’m genuinely concerned how you’re able to function in society.

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Thank you for your reply and concern