Alpha Skill Update: What are your plans?

For me, I’m planning to train into Tech II and heavy drones for a VNI and a Drake for PvE, got most things set up, just forgetting a bit of things here and there.

None, I don’t do alpha.

Looking forward to a slight increase in population though, even if it is just temporary.

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Tempest, with a Nefantar skin…for what? i dont know, maybe for missions, maybe to die in a huge explosion. havent decided yet.

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Alpha sux. Cloaking is cool. All the cool capsuleers cloak.

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Actually i have created new alt for Alpha shenanigans…But then launcher.
Now i can’t be bothered to even enter new data into it to log in as that account.

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I’m open-minded. As long as I can cause enjoyable explosions in some way, I’ll be satisfied. To that end, it’s entirely possible that my (currently) Alpha characters will have stuff to do.

In Highsec, the lack of a cloak is irritating for a suicide-ganker, but not, I think, a complete deal-breaker…

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Failscade to alpha as I’m dirt poor in rl, most of my playstyle won’t really be affected anyways.

I’m still not even sure how this will work… As far as I know your still stuck at 5mill SP, and from my understanding we don’t get to fly T2 ships (could be wrong)… but that’s how I read the information. Your like cut off right before, you can do anything useful, or productive.

Have to wait and see… I just know with the NEW cost of this game (of $20 [blank] dollars) I cannot afford 2 and 3 and 5 accounts anymore. Not that I really need them anymore but…

What a Damn well need is… 4 CHARACTER SLOTS… instead of 3, per account. We have four races, but only 3 character slots. Hell, Id even pay for an extra character slot. Just saying…

Never understood why we only had 3 character slots in the first place… Its like a holdover thing from the 90’s, in how games used to be set up. I cannot really afford 2 accounts at this point, or at any point at $20 bucks a pop… plus buying plex too…

I tried it, and it didn’t work out… I had two and to drop one due to the cost plus buying plex too didn’t work out…

Hope this works… but what I need is a new 4th character slot to be honest.

I started training an alpha account for FW specific toons for Gal/Minmatar/Caldari.

This lets me get my omega toons maximized for isk-making instead of “wasting” a couple of them by having them deal with the FW mechanics.

I’m not going to bother with battleship sized things… perhaps not BC either. T1 frigate/dessie/crusiers with T2 fittings… maybe eventually look at pirate stuff.

My plans? Carry on subbing as i have done for the last 13 years. :snowman_with_snow::snowman::snowman_with_snow:


plans unsub all my chars stop paying 140.00per toon 2,100 a year on 15 toons, and just play on as alpha without, haveing fulltime job feeling :smiley:

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