New Skin for the Gila?

Hello I had a graphic bug recently when docking.
However, the looks so good that I would like to have as Skinn.
I would pay for that money what do you mean.

I thought about it and ok, I play on Low Gravity settings.

The sand-colored areas act like armor plates.
Ok the Gila is not an armored ship but it looks good.

here’s a look at this:


Yeah man, me too, I dig.

High Gravity is a real drag.

A total downer on my rig.

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What do you mean I would pay?

Most of the skins available don’t look all that good, so this one would fit in.

I like it to!

You would pay for money?

Like, you would pay me 20 USD for a 10 USD bill?

Please get in touch with me. There is 10,000 USD that id like to sell you at a price of 20,000 USD.

I got a bridge for sale well maintained high exposure one onwner

Ah the memories… reminds me of the countless fun hours spent on OP4 Low Grav Snipe servers back in the days. :blush:

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