New tactics "The Ballwith Effect"

So, anyone want to try mass Ew burst on large ganks , it will need to be on a character you don’t mind turning flashy red eventually

Of late the gankers have been targeting our burst ALTs , which shows they are worried about them.

So what do we need.

  1. form a fleet so we can warp together.
  2. A scout to call us in onto the gank .
  3. Use of a station to tether at.
  4. A glorious name for our group.

Please give your input into this plan , if one pilot that gets a burst right can stop a gank, imagine 5 of us doing it again and again.

I do think these ALTs need to be in npc corps so they can’t see them , as well as the scout maybe

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i’ll make a character for you , i take it we are going to Uedama.

Want me to mail you the name of my alt in game


Brilliant Burst Commandos.

“BBC going full burst into the gank.”


I did laugh :sweat_smile:

Can I bring my drake?


You’re going to need to sacrifice more burst ships than there are gankers for this to have any reliable effectiveness.

Turbo Windmill Intergalactastic Tilters \o/


This is Billy’s fault

Just an update, 4 people so far have made ALTs for this and some people want to act as scout , so all going great.
Please remember we will only be attacking the large gank groups and most of the pilots are UK and EU based …

Once gankers start up large ganks again please watch the intell channels for when we will be active.

Like I said the most important part of this is the warp in part , getting us to the right spot on time , setting off our bombs before they kill us . Let go and collect gank Salt🧂

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Why , we have had many successful attacks using this , the hard part is not getting killed on the way in and being on target and timing the burst right .

Below is one I found that worked well, look back to July

Yes they do fail but when they work it’s very effective and adding numbers of pilots should increase success rates

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This idea sounds delightful, i’m all for destruction and mayhem , its what eve’s about

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