Found an awesome anti-gank tactic: Bump gate scouts with 500MN maller for hours afk!

Get in 500MN maller

2 large p-acid compact batteries

3 tech 1 mark compact reactor control unit

3 tech intertial stabs

Use “Keep at Range 500” to perma bump their scanner alts on gates while slingshoting into and through them ad naeusm.

Fit is cap stable with cap stable with 500MN Cold Cas MN

It aint worth ganking.

You can do this for hours while afk.

Seeing that it takes them more than a half hour to warp off and come back (to break keep at range), I’ve also discovered that most of these scanner alts are bots.

What if they orbit the gate?

Then steer manually and don’t do it afk.

It’s fun!

Wouldn’t that require exceptional aim and luck?

Sounds like a lack of balance to me. If ganker gate scouts are able to be AFK, then anti-ganker gate scout bumpers should be allowed to be AFK too. This means that the ability to orbit should be removed for anyone engaging in scouting gates for gankers.

No. The orbit remains the same. Bots aren’t going to re route orbits.

I understand, but trying to hit a small, fast frigate orbiting a gate with a ship that has a comparatively low agility (due to MWD) is almost impossible. Ganker gate scouts should be forced to sit still.

I put a bookmark on the orbit route then time then approach with manual speed throttle. Approach from opposite direction of rotation (opposite chirality).

What good is a scout that’s AFK? An AFK scout can’t cargo scan and the best he can do otherwise is share his screen.

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Hmm? (I had to copy that.)

How did you work that out?

If it is true I hope you reported them? :popcorn:

hmm? :robot: :popcorn:

Good bait.

This is false. Your orbit distance stays the same but your path along that orbit changes.

Yes then you rebump.

Then send through an empty hauler and watch them gank it.

It finally worked!

You’re talking to the god of bot detection, how you think I made 6.7 billion robbing bots in fountain?

I know they are targeting and carog scanning. because i couldn’t cloak in hauler in 0.1 seconds.

I know they didnt’ realize for over a half hour that I bumped them off the gate, I then brought a hauler next to it, and couldn’t cloak again, even though I was 100+ km off gate.

That’s a bot.

Come to think of it, it’s hard to imagine someone sitting on a gate in a griffon for 12 hours a day scanning and reporting cargo without being a bot!? Right!

I run 150 scanner griffon accounts, and I am active at my keyboard monitoring each one of my accounts. I am truly OUTRAGED at the accusation of botting, and I will have you know that when you engage in your DESPICABLE bumping act I choose to ignore you and PRETEND to be a bot so that you don’t realize how alert and active I truly am.


Wait aren’t the anti gankers the same folk that were crying about bumping in the past?

So bumping is now OK?

I propose - give it some time and the anti gankers will approve of ganking.

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Anti ganking is just a smokescreen to hide the gankers’ looting alts.

All Hail Queen @Aiko Danuja

I would like to build 100 catalysts for you, from the Fountain ESS money!

Let me know if you want the free contract!

Tell me the fittings

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Bumping has always been ok. Just the miners and aspirants that hate it.

Of course I do.