New Task Assigned

// Pochven - System Unknown - Personal Quarters

Silence fills the air, inturrupted by the occasional spark of electronics, and whirring of machinery. Rusty sits in the midst of an assortment of various pieces of equipment and technological scraps in various states of assembly.

Rusty pauses, listens, like they’re being spoken to. After a few moments, they nod at nothing in particular, rise, and depart.

// Athounon - Deadspace - TCS Aurora Veil

Two sets of footsteps echo through the halls of the ship, heading towards a hangar bay. Rusty is followed by a warclone who’s about the same size as them.

“I hope she knows I’ve never done anything remotely like this before. Entirely possible this goes south.”

The warclone nods indifferently.

“…Wow, try not to be so excited huh?”

Rusty’s eyes light up for a moment. They’d be smirking if it was possible.


The warclone’s expression sours, much to Rusty’s amusement.

“… Please don’t call me that.”

“Alright, alright, we’ll come up with something better. I’m not great with naming things. Especially something that’s just another me. Anyhow, we’d better get to it.”

// Unremarkable Hangar Bay

Rusty paces back and forth in front of a small group of warclones for a time before turning to face them and clearing their throat. The Rusty derived warclone stands nearby, at attention.

“Alright, so… if I understand correctly, we’re here to round up a bunch of federal insurgents. Allegedly they’ve been a problem in the past, and they’re on the chopping block to be… resolved? Hah. They’re out in the bush somewhere on Athounon VI, might be camped out in a village, might be roughing it. I cannot stress how preferable having at least a few of them alive would be. Anything of value should be preserved, collateral damage should ideally be avoided but I won’t be terribly bothered if a bit of forest or a village ends up torched.

Any questions?


Let’s get to work.”


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