New Thukker Roleplay Discord - “The Oasis”

As a Thukker roleplayer, despite our independent and nomadic ways, I wanted a place to share Thukker lore, culture, and community with my tribal brothers and sisters. After struggling to find any existing communities, I created ‘The Oasis’ Discord server to hopefully fill this niche for anyone feeling similarly.

So, if you are a Thukker pilot looking to connect with your tribe, or are generally interested in/sympathetic to the Thukker way of life, please stop by and have a chat! All are welcome.

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Have you ever poked your head into the Thukker in-game channel?

Been sitting in it the past year or two and only ever seen about 2 other people. Once it actually led to some RP.

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I haven’t, and didn’t even know it existed. I will definitely be joining promptly. Thanks!

No worries. I don’t mean to get your hopes up though. It is almost always barren.

Yeah, honestly, most in-game chats seem kind of dead to me, unless it’s an intel channel or something.

I think the benefit of out-of-game chat servers, is at least for me, is when I’m active in-game, I’m usually only half paying attention to those chat logs, but have more time and bandwidth to have discussions and roleplay when I’m not logged in.