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So I am trying to make some EvE videos to help remember the good times and to make promotional videos for my corp and some of my friends. However I have noticed when trying to include some of the in game sound the guns still seem a little quiet compared to the old sound effects. It could just be that the weapons I’m using are too small and I just need to use a bigger ship.

Does anyone have some suggestions? I am using Vegas studio 14.

Link for reference

go into settings > audio then you’ll see a check box for advanced audio settings allowing you to fiddle with warning sounds, turret sounds and such. If the noise still isnt loud enough then what you could do is zoom in close to the ship, turn off music + ambience and record a clip of the guns firing.
Put that clip into vegas, CTRL U to seperate the audio from the video then simply copy and paste that sound clip into your video where needed.

Hope this helps. o7

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