2018 audio/visual

So guys it’s the end of 2018 can we actually have some decent gun sound effects and textures that don’t look like play doh yet? Why lasers sound like ducks and medium artillery sound like someone dropping a turd? Light ac sound like sprinklers and hams sound like the ocean.

More bass more boom bang pls

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Buy some quality speakers/headset, seems fine to me with my $20 broken headstrap Walmart special.


Beats Studio3 Wireless, you deserve it

My speakers are fine lol compare sfx to any other sci fi game or movie

This is why EVE can never be a PVE game and making it one would destroy it.

If we had all that graphics we would not be able to have huge fleet battles.

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Sure we could graphics have nothing to do with server load. Files are stored locally and used by your comp when x enters scene. Just cause poors dont have high end cards doesn’t mean people who do should settle for trashy sfx/gfx. This is why games have settings.

Idk what you meant by pve game though.

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Audio is updated about every other year and sound great right now.
Visuals are also always evolving per ship, and the current resolution is already pretty detailed on high. Want a new texture? Toss a SKIN on it.

Are you serious? You all have very low expectations.

In space nobody can hear you shooting. But I would like more hd textures.

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Yes, more realistic sounds!

Put your world level audio to 0. Because there is no sound in space.


I think you invented the part where I said realistic, of course an Apostle can fit out of a caldari station undock port. Okay seems you guys are happy with your subpar audio visual experience and maybe my standards are just too high. Too bad.

The problem is that you’re asking for cinematic quality in a game.

To get your point across better, list a few games that have the graphics/audio that you’re looking for.

I’ve lost interest in this.

ADD much?

Nope just don’t feel like I can change the opinion on what someone thinks is acceptable visually. I’d still like a better looking and sounding game but I’m not going to be bothered arguing about it.

This is not for argument, but for the game to have a better sense of experience.

Said no one, ever.

If you guys want it then ask for it, like posts and agree. Don’t just sit in the shadows and wonder why nothing changes that you want changed.

You wanted the change, so you ask for it.

In the middle of a fight I am not concerned with how the audio sounds…I am trying to KILL the enemy. Either accept things as they are or move on. Change is inevitable, it just takes time.