New total net worth bug? ccplz

So yesterday I logged in my character and surprisingly found that my total net worth increased from 50 b to 450 B in just one night, anyone knows what did ccp change makes some extremely high-value things after yesterday’s patch?

That’s not unusual if you have a lot of stuff.

But just saying 400B is not much help. What’s the percentage?

My ship hangar can jump as much as 10% from one week to the next. A lot of stuff is not assessed one week but is the next. Especially if it’s rare and few are ever on the market.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Maybe they are including the items in your redeem queue.

oh it increased from 50 b to 450 b in one single night lol

In that case, you should just quietly back out of this thread and never mention it again.

And spend it while you can. PLEX is going to be pretty cheap this weekend.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


lol the real question is, i dont even know what was that 400 b asset, really need to know so I can sell them all lol

You should be able to use the My Assets window and sort things by Estimated Price.


Just pop open all of the systems you have and see where that 400b asset appears.

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checked, nothing special, on other apps shows all in industrial things, but there are nothing there.

probably some stack of something random that’s not actually worth much got traded for way too much and now the game thinks it’s worth a ton.

that said 50 to 450 is a crazy jump that does sound like some sort of bug.

I suggest contracting everything to me …
… and I’ll have some software using ESI to find the assets in question.

Then we’ll know relatively quickly.

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no no no lol

You don’t trust me? D:

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