Something weird i noticed

(Calli Uta) #1

Hello y’all,

today i noticed something on one of my toons…
although i only have 5mil SP on it, and the assets are emmm Garbage
it show my net worth is 9 bil … is this a bug or am i missing something


(Steve Ronuken) #2

Hover on the ? next to the value. It’ll tell you the split. It includes plex, for example.

If it’s assets, add the value column on the asset list, and look at them.

(Lena Crews) #3

Plex vault applies to all toons on the account. So if you had 8.5b in plex, the starting asset value for each toon is 8.5b.

(Calli Uta) #4

i don’t have any plex … lol… it’s bugged i think, unless i have something that is worth a lot … but i went through every asset i have

(Memphis Baas) #5

Might have some ship skin or some clothing item that the system values weirdly. Or you could have a bunch of blueprint copies that the system thinks are originals (much higher value assigned to originals).

We won’t really know unless you reveal what you’ve got, and there’s no point to that; keep your details private. Create a support ticket if you want, and a CCP rep will look at your stuff privately and let you know what’s valued that high (just don’t expect the ticket to be answered immediately - it’s a low priority, may take a couple weeks to be looked at).

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